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A new platform for collegiate composers

who we are

Founded in 2023, The Collegiate Choral Composition Community (CCCC) is an online platform where collegiate choral composers can upload, peruse, and interact with scores written by their peers. The CCCC seeks to strengthen the community of collegiate choral composers and to promote their music by creating a centralized location of music. In addition, The CCCC hopes that by creating a platform where composers can share their music in an easy, accessible way, more collegiate composers will feel encouraged to write choral music.

How it works

-Composers can upload their choral scores onto our Music page. Uploading music is free and appears on our platform in 24 hours or sooner.

-On our Music page, you can listen to pieces, peruse the scores, contact the composer with questions/feedback, visit their website, and see where the music is available for purchase.

-The CCCC is not a publisher nor a music distributor. Rather, we act as an open community where composers can share their music freely. We do not “judge” or “select” which pieces are shown on our page; every piece submitted by a collegiate choral composer is uploaded.

-If you're not a collegiate choral composer, you can still interact with and benefit from The CCCC! If you sign up as a member of our community on the community page (which is 100% free and takes less than a minute), you'll be able to participate in the discussion forum where you can ask questions, comment on scores, link to your own personal website, and private message with composers and conductors.

-On our Composer page, you can view a list of CCCC composers, read their bios, go directly to their music, and see their personal websites.

-On our Forum page, composers, conductors, and performers can interact through group posts, direct messaging, file sharing, and polls.

-On our Community page, you can see a list of members of The CCCC. It is 100% free to be a member, and you do not need to be a collegiate choral composer to be a member. Being a member allows you to participate in the discussion forum.

-The CCCC is excited to offer The CCCC Choral Demos as a resource for composers. Composers can submit a piece of new music and receive a demo recording in just 5 days. To learn more, please visit our Demos page.

-Make sure to check out the CCCC's upcoming features!

Our mission

Our mission is to support, promote, and encourage the creation and sharing of choral music by collegiate composers. Additionally, we seek to promote the inclusion of this repertoire in the programming of choral music in all genres. Furthermore, we want collegiate composers to feel empowered to share the music that they are writing, irregardless of their background in composition.

The CCCC is committed to increasing and promoting diversity in the field of music. We commit ourselves to promoting the music of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or any other part of one’s identity.

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Let's get started!

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