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faq's of the cccc

Q: Can I still use the cccc if i'm not a collegiate choral composer?

a: yes! anyone can sign up as a member of our community, and by doing so you will have access to the discussion forum to ask questions and interact with composers, conductors, and vocalists. 

Q: can I upload music to the cccc if i'm not currently in school?

a: the cccc was created to support current collegiate composers - only active collegiate students can submit music to our page. however, if you're a choral composer not currently in school, you can still be an active member in our community by engaging in the discussion forum and sharing links to your online portfolio.

Q: what do I do if I want to make a change to something I submitted? for example, if I catch an error in my score or if my composer bio changes, what should I do?

a: we want it to be as easy as possible to make changes on things that you've submitted. that's why for any change, you can simply email us. we respond to all emails within 24 hours and will work to make the change happen as soon as possible.

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