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Who can upload music to the cccc?

The CCCC is committed to making our platform as inclusive as possible. Given that our main focus is on amplifying the music of collegiate composers, we do have some guidelines in place for who can upload scores to our platform:

-Must be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a College or University.

-Once you graduate, you can no longer upload scores, but your existing scores on the platform will remain on your personal composer page, and you can continue interacting on our forum and community pages. 

-All scores must be watermarked (title page not included) to protect against illegal copying.

-It does not matter if the score is unpublished, published, or self-published. If you are uploading a published score, please ensure that your publisher has given you permission to display your score on this platform.

-If you're not a collegiate choral composer, you can still interact with and benefit from The CCCC! If you sign up as a member of our community on the community page (which is 100% free and takes less than a minute), you'll be able to participate in the discussion forum where you can ask questions, comment on scores, link to your own personal website, and private message with composers and conductors.

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