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welcome to the Choral demos
recorded by a live choir!

The next choral demos slots will open on

Sunday at 2pm Eastern Standard Time!

affordable pricing, live voices, same week delivery
get recordings of your choral pieces
how it works

-Receive a recording of your new choral piece in just 1 week

-Recorded by talented collegiate vocalists 

-As low as $15/part

The Choral Demos are designed to allow composers to hear their music sung by live vocalists and to give them the resources they need to be able to promote their music. The recordings are not intended to be professional studio-level recordings. We want to give composers a realistic representation of their music. With that being said, the vocalists at The CCCC are incredibly talented, motivated, and passionate artists who are beyond excited to bring your music to life.

-Composers submit a piece for which they are seeking a recording. Composers may only submit one piece per week. Your piece will be recorded and delivered to you within 1 week.

-The CCCC records up to 5 pieces per week (this will increase in the future). 

-The recording can be used for a personal portfolio, competition submissions, and anything else the composer desires (other than for revenue-generating purposes such as streaming). 

-The recordings cost $15/part, which goes directly to the vocalists and the conductor


-There will be five slots available each week. The first slots will open on Wednesday, September 6th at 2pm EST.

-Pieces are recorded on a first-come, first-served submission basis. The submission form will close on Thursday at 2pm, or earlier if 5 pieces have already been submitted.

-Instrumentation can include up to 2 splits on each part, as well as piano accompaniment.

-We charge by the part, ranging anywhere from 2 parts a cappella to 8 parts plus piano.

-The demos are recorded with one vocalist on each part.

-Composers have the option to also add-on "Vocalist Feedback" where the vocalists will verbally give their feedback on how it was to sing your piece.

The weekly Timeline


The submission form will open.


The submission form will close. The form will close sooner than this time if 5 pieces have already been submitted.


Composers are sent their recordings.


1 Vocal Part ($15)

1 Piano Part ($20)

Less than 5 minutes (No additional fee)

5-7 minutes (Additional $20 fee)

7-10 minutes (Additional $30 fee)

Vocalist Feedback (Additional $20 fee)

Add Reverb (Additional $10 fee)

Ex: If you have an SATB accompanied piece that's 4 and a half minutes, you would pay $80


-CCCC Vocalists receive $5 off


-CCCC Community Members receive $1 off

-CCCC Composers receive an additional $1 off

-If the piece you are submitting is already on The CCCC's music page, receive an additional $1 off

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