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The CCCC has lots of exciting new features that will soon become integrated into our platform. The CCCC is committed to frequently adding new features that enhance the experience of using our platform and thus continue to build a strong community of collegiate choral composers.

On September 1st, we launched our Choral Demos, a way for composers to receive high-quality recordings of their choral pieces sung by real voices for as low as $15/part in just 5 days.

On January 7th, The CCCC will hosted our first ever zoom community series: an opportunity to connect weekly with fellow CCCC composers and engage in discussions about their music.

On March 25th, we'll be launching our "pre-collegiate" page: a place where high school students who are interested in choral composition in college can upload scores, interact with peers, and ask questions. On this date we'll also be launching our "Collegiate Poets" page, creating an open space where composers and poets can interact, bounce ideas off of each other, and form long-lasting partnerships.

On April 15th, we'll be launching our composer-conductor interaction page - a specific page where composers and conductors can build personal and professional relationships. In the meantime, composers and conductors can use our messaging feature on the community page.

On May 1st, we will be launching our first ever CCCC call for scores. More information about the call for scores will be released on the 1st. Additionally, on February 15th we will launch our "Opportunities page": a place where composers can see a list of choral composition opportunities that has been compiled by the team at the CCCC.

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